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From: NiCK Carty
(Creator of the Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software)

Dear Friend,

The most important aspect on having a successfull blog is picking the right niche, especially that has a good search volume as well as a moderate competition level. That is exactly what I have done and picked two great niches that will help you rank well on search engines easily.

Best part is, both niches are tightly related to each other so you can have them on sub-domains if you don't really wish to buy many domain names.

arrow I've picked 2 perfect niches after extensive keyword research
arrow Customized Premium themes to match both the niches, individually
arrow I've Installed all the Top plugins and Optimized for SEO.
arrow Optimized and Placed ads in strategic positions for Higher CTR
arrow Included an eBook that you can sell for 100% Profits!
arrow Full set of Training videos that walk you through, Step by Step

Although the blog is very easy to setup on your own domain name, I have included a few detailed video recordings made by me, that will walk you through installation and setup of this blog, Step by Step so you don't feel lost after ordering the package.

The eBook is just over 70 pages long and contains valuable information on making chocolates at home. I've included the source documents so you could easily edit the book, put your name on it and sell it for whatever price you wish. Heck, you could even give it away for free and build a quality list with whom you could market later. Choice is yours.

Coming Back to The Blog Packages

The blog was not simply built over night. A lot of time has gone into keyword research and carefully hand-picked 2 niches that are closely related to each other and have a good search volume with fairly moderate competition levels. I have included the Keyword Research Report too in this package so you could easily write posts based on them.

I have Optimized Adsense for High CTR

Having an ad block wont just make you money. Having it at the right places will only get you clicks and revenue. You also have to make the ad blend well with the design and make it look like the content itself. I'm a well experienced Adsense placement consultant proven to get over 25% CTR on average. With all my expertise, I've done my best on both these blogs for you.

Totally there are 3 blocks of ad in this blog. The half banner, text only type of ad right above the content (this is where your visitors look first) with link color being the brightest on page, it will surely grab your visitor' attention.

And in the individual post pages, 468x60 banner sized ads appear right below the title or even before the actual content starts. Also, couple of rectangle ads on the sidebar should help you get some additional clicks.

Adsense will be Inserted Automatically!

Changing the ad codes is very easy. You just have to enter it in once on your WordPress admin area and the rest is all automated. In future if you wish to change the ad on all the posts, simply change it in one place and it will automatically be applied on all your older posts too.

I have also recorded a quick video explaining on how to change the ad codes for both the blog and the fact if, you could probably do it even without the help of the video.

No Adsense? There's Option for Affiliate Ads Too

In addition to Adsense, you can also advertise ClickBank affiliate offers through banner ads placed on the sidebar or even at the end of the post contents.

Just like Adsense, these banners could also be changes right from your WordPress admin panel. Simply enter the path to the image or location and the affiliate link, you're set.

I have already Installed Several Top Plugins

You dont need to spend hours on finding and installing the WordPress plugins. I have already found the best proven plugins, installed and configured them on these blogs for you.

Simply Unzip and Upload the package on your domain for the blog with content and plugins, ready to go live.

Blog is Optimized for SEO Already

In addition to the top SEO plugins, The heavly customized premium theme with my special SEO effects like H1 title tags, tableless CSS based design will easily score high search engine rankings for your blog.

I have also added the categories based on the top searched keywords and setup the permalinks too so every post will have a SEO friendly URL on your blog.

You Get My Keyword Research Report Too

The top keywords that I have researched for this niche, along with their competition, local search volume, global search volume, avergae cost per click is all yours when you get this blog.

How will it help you? It will help you write content based on those keywords, analyze how much you will be getting on average per click on Adsense, out source articles based on those keywords, search for affiliate offers on those keywords and so on.

I have Included All Source Graphic Files For You

Wish to edit the logo or site titles on the header? Don't worry. I have included every source PSD graphic file that you can edit with a few clicks anytime you wish.

These are not flat image files but with full set of layers so every bit of the graphic can be edited to fit your style.

I'll Give You a Full Set of Video Training

You have to feel lost after getting this package. I have recorded some excellent step by step video training that will help you set everything up on your domain.

Right from UnZipping the package to making it live on your domain and everything in between like changing Adsense codes, inserting banner ads, are all explained in the videos so you can just literally copy everything from me.

"Only 30 Blogs Sold to Reduce Competition"

Regular Price = $127

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Order Processed via PayPal and Delivery will be Immediate!

Own it, Keep it or Flip it! Know Your Rights

Editing: This will be your blog and you can edit it anyway you wish. I have also included the source graphic files so it gets easier for you.

Flipping: I want to help you stay away from the competition by limiting the number of copies sold. Same way, I dont want my customers to resell the blogs which would further dilute the market. However, you can sell this blog just once.

To be more clear, with your purchase, you can install this blog on a single domain only. You can further sell that blog on that domain, once, either via Flippa or through other means after establishing it for a while. It could easily go for $297 fresh and even over $1000s if established with revenue.

To Rephrase, Here's What You Get in the Package

arrow Blogs on "Coffee and Chocolate" Niche with Premium Design
arrow An eBook, with source .doc to sell for any price you wish
arrow Blog is already optimized for SEO and Top Plugins Pre-Installed
arrow Detailed Keyword Research Report in PDF format
arrow Full Set of Training videos to Install and Setup the Blog
arrow World class Customer Service and Support via Email

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Regular Price = $127

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Order Processed via PayPal and Delivery will be Immediate!

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