seo link building

Niche blogging or Micro niche blogging is the way to make long standing passive income this 2012 and most of the big marketers are already making a killing with an army of blogs. Right time for you to get a share of this bigger and sweeter pie!

seo link building

Let me make this clear first. I'm not talking about those stupid junk blogs loaded with junk PLR articles along with a mediocre design, each sold to over 100 people or so.

What I have here is a custom niche blog which will be of super high quality "made just for you" and loaded with original content along with high converting affiliate product banners to make you money, "real money".

Exclusively Yours! No 2 Blogs will Have the Same Design

Yes, what we have here is a custom blog made for every individual and we never use the same design or content again for another customer. This way, you own a high quality blog that no one else has or gets from us.

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need backlinks

This is a good question and the answer totally depends on the niche or keywords you pick. Sure I can assist with this if you're ordering more than 1 package.

Lets say you pick a keyword with over 6000 searches a month and along with an exact match domain name, you could easily bring it to the sweet spots on Google. Once there, even if you get just 80% of the traffic, you should be getting about 4800 visitors a month.

If you're Adsense CTR is at the least of 4%, you should be getting about 200 clicks and even if you make just a dollar out of each click, end of the day you should be making $200 per month and this is just from Adsense!

On the worst case, you could make at least 3-4 sales on affiliate products and if they pay around $30 each, that is another $100 to your pocket every month!

So roughly, a blog on a decent keyword should be making you at least $300 per month, automatically!

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Imagine if you were to build these blogs yourself. Even for experts like us, it takes 1-2 weeks to create a blog from start to finish. You could probably take a whole month or maybe even 2.

And if you consider the premium theme we offer, it should be valued at $70 minumun (without the custom designs ofcourse) and if you add another design charge of $150, you end up with $220 just for the blog alone.

We add a lot of commercial plugins that we have developer rights to and they probably reduce another 100 out of your pockets.

Well, its not done there, you need to add articles (we write at least 6 x 300 word articles) which could cost another 20 bucks minimum.

End of the day, if you calculate the entire value of the blog, excluding your valuable time, it should cost you well over what you pay us to do the job and being an expert, we focus on perfection too!

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Once the blog is done, everything including the source graphic files are handed over to you and you can claim FULL OWNERSHIP to them. These blogs are built just for you and you could either resell them or flip it for higher profits. Your take.

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Premium WordPress Theme (value $70)

100% Unique and Custom Design to the Theme (value $150)

Installation and Setup of the Blog (value $30)

6 x 300 word Unique, Keyword Rich articles (value $20)

Posting of articles along with images (value $10)

Strategic Ad placements (value $50))

Researching keywords for your niche (value $50)

Installation and Setting up of SEO Plugins (value $60)

License to my Auto Blogging Software (value $97)

Setting up of Plugins and other Stuffs (value $50)

Total Value = $587

Special Promo Price = $297 Only!

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PS: When we launched this service secretly to our private clients, most of them flipped these blogs for 10x profits! Our team is limited and we don't take more than 6 orders each month. So Hurry Up while the doors are still open. Get Your Blog NOW!

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