seo link building
seo link building

From: NiCK Carty
(Creator of the Most Powerful Auto Blogging Software)

Imagine how much money you could make if your blog or websites were at the top of search engines for all the keywords you wish for!

Well, it's not an easy task as you probably knew already.

Not Easy, but POSSIBLE! Right?

SEO is complicated. Much of it involves link building. Basically, when a website links to another website, in the eyes of Google, it is actually casting a vote on the linking website. So the website having the highest number of votes or baclinks will essentially be positioned higher than the rest.

But that's not all!

Google has some complicated algorithms to determine the value of every link a website receives so you need to have a lot of high quality links pointing to your websites if you wish to dominate the top positions of search results.

need backlinks link building sites we offer backlinks

A bunch of HIGH QUALITY backlinks from authorative Web 2.0 Properties, whose value are raised even further through hundreds of links pointed from else where like social bookmarking sites, forum profiles and so on.

We actually build a lot of Web 2.0 Properties first, which are like blog posts on social or third party websites and provide a link to your websites on these properties.

The only out-going link from these Web 2.0 properties will be to your money site with proper keywords in the title and besides, the link is going to be surrounded by a keyword rich article which will provide more value to the links.

These Web 2.0 properties serve as the primary back linkers to your money site.

Further, we build a lot of backlinks to these Web 2.0 Properties so the value of outgoing link to your money site is raised even further.

google sandbox

A typical problem with other SEO Link Building services.

When a website receives too many backlinks in a very short period, and if the site is quite young, Google will immediately sand-box it. Which means, the website will not be shown on the search results page for several months. Somewhat like a penalty.

But since we're using the intelligent strategy of building back links to the Web 2.0 properties that link to your site, instead of pointing all links directly at your money sites, you can be very sure that your site is safe.

Here's how we do it..

backlink chart seo results results not fake

That's right. Unlike other sites, we don't need to fake our results. You could check the results for yourself. Just goto and search for the keyword "auto blogging software" with or without quotes and you will find our website ranked right on the first position.

And not just that, you will also find a lot of Web 2.0 properties ranking on the other positions so we dominate the first page of Google almost entirely!

Not to forget that this is a pretty high competitive keyword that we ranked for.

customers say case study

Lisa contacted us to improve her website' SEO ranking. Initially her site was on the 13th page for a reasonably competitive keyword. She ordered our Diamond package and it took us a week to complete her project.

A week passed by and she was surprised to see her site rank on the 1st Page of Google. She actually expected us to move it 3 or 4 pages up but she was over-whelmed to see our results!

She then order 13 Diamond Packages for her other sites and we're happy to work with her. Thank you Lisa.

Here's Another Video Testimonial From Jordan

why choose us
  • We don't automate everything: Unlike other hit and run SEO services, we don't automate just about everything! We use a mix of manual submissions along with automation. And even with automation, we closely monitor it and do our best so you get higher success rates always.
  • We're focused on Quality: Anyone could buy automated tools and start building back-links. But if you do the same mistake as your competitor, you sure wont get results. We actually use a lot of custom tools and find the top quality sites where the submissions will happen. This ensures highest quality backlinks for your website.
  • We're competitively Priced: We don't cost you an arm or a leg for this service. We know how much budget constrained you are and hence, provide the service at absolutely a bargain where we reduce our profit margins alone but not on the quality.
  • We help you with keywords: Typically, every other service out there will just fire up the automated tools, fill in the information you give and push the button. But we carefully review every information and keywords you give us and will also give you our suggestions on better keywords to target and proceed with precision.
  • We deliver results: We're not just focused on completed the job and providing you a report. We work towards results. We do everything possible to deliver results and that may include even extra submission or getting you more backlinks, for FREE!
why choose us

We basically have 3 packages: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Regardless of the package you choose, we treat every client alike and deliver highest possible quality and satisfaction.

The only difference between the packages is the number of backlinks you get.

Once you order the package, we will ask your main website' url and the keywords you wish to rank for. You could give us upto 3 keywords.

That's it! You're job is done. You can sit back and relax while we do the following:

01We carefully look at your website and analyse it for on-page SEO factors. If we find something to be improved, we write to you on suggestions. This is absolutely a bonus and I don't think anyone else does this.

02We then do a study on your niche. This helps us understand things better and further proceed to write quality articles on your niche. The number of articles depends on the package you choose.

03Then we write super-spin-tax for the articles which will be used for submissions. We don't use softwares to do a crappy spin. We manually look-up the synonyms and add to spin.

04We publish the original article to the top directory like eZine articles, this is again a bonus. Since the articles are completely original, there's 99% chance to get them approved and published by eZine.

05We then plan the strategy of link building for your website and begin to create Web 2.0 properties with direct links pointed to your site. These properties are the sole back-linkers to your website.

06Since these Web 2.0 sites already have an high authority on Google and every other major search engines, links from them to your website are considered to be of high quality.

07We further raise the value of these links by building backlinks to them through a number of forum profiles, social bookmarkings, video submissions, press releases, article submissions and more..

08We do everything possible to get more value to those Web 2.0 properties, which will be only be linking direct to your sites. This ensures more natural link building against spam-my links created by other services.

09Finally, we evaluate all the links created, and prepare a detailed report for you in PDF. The report will have a summary of the work done as well as the detailed links that we have created for you.

We usually take about 1-2 weeks to complete the process. This again ensures high quality, natural link building process. During the course, we continuously monitor your website on Google and see how the progress is on your primary keywords. Based on our findings, we may also tweak the campaigns so you get results! And hopefully, by the time we complete your project, you should start to see some results already! Your satisfaction is our Ultimate priority.

why choose us

why choose us

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why choose us

Easy! If you're serious about promoting your website and truly understand the immense value of strong rankings, choose the Ultimate Diamond Package which is on a great deal today.

The Diamond package gets you over 800 back links targetted at your site on 2 tiers to prevent sand-boxing, will immediately push up your sites on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing too.

The Diamond package is the only package that includes 15 video sibmissions too. We actually create a 1-2 minute video on your niche, and publish to the top video sharing sites with watermarks on the video plus backlinks to your site.

Get the Diamond Package Today!

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Or if you're site is on a moderately competitve niche and want to boost your rankings say like from 5th page to 3rd page or so, choose the Platinum package.

The Platinum Package is as good as the Diamond Package but does not include videos submissions. You get about 500 odd, verifired backlinks targetted at your site on 2 tiers to prevent sand-boxing.

Or if you have a site targeting on a fairly low competitive keyword or simply want to boost up the rankings a little bit like pushing up 2 or 3 positions, choose the basic Gold Package.

Platinum Package

Just $77

Gold Package

Just $47

why choose us


We work towards results, rather than just completing a job. We ensure that every step we take, will benifit you. We want to provide at least 10 times more value than what you pay us and therefore you can be very sure that your money is well spent.

After we complete the service, if you don't see any improvement in search engine rankings, we will provide you 100% FULL REFUND!


HURRY UP! This Special Price Won't Wait Forever!

You're about to dominate the search engines and explode your site' traffic

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Order the Diamond Package today and I will give you 4 cool bonus stuffs.

If these bonus stuffs were sold separately, they'd go for over $497... But for the special offer today, you can have them all for Free!

You'll get instant access to:

Bonus 1: 10,000 PLR Articles Package

10,000 articles spread on a wide variety of top niches that you can directly import to the software and post to all of your blogs.

Bonus 2: 200 Free Blog Templates

Give a fresh style to your blogs. With the premium package, you will be getting 100 free templates for and 100 templates for WordPress too.

Bonus 3: Ultimate Guide to Blogging

Although the software is absolutely easy to use, even without reading the User Manual, you must have a little bit of knowledge on blogging. Don't worry, this guide will take you step-by-step in creating both free as well as self-hosted or paid blogs complete with screenshots.

And not just that, it will also cover some advanced traffic techniques that will help you earn money even sooner.

Bonus 4: Full Suite of BZ9 Marketing Tools

Worth $51.88, you will get 120 days full access to marketing tools for FREE! Their service allows you to create designer Drop-ins, Peel-Away ads, Social Follow-Me tabs, Media bars and also Autoresponder forms at the push of a button!

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Payments Securely Processed via PayPal

P.S: If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact me here and I'd be glad to help you out.

P.P.S: I cannot guarantee the discounted price after you leave this page. This Special SEO Link Building offer maybe closed at any time. I'm sure you'll be impressed, Click here to Promote Your Sites!


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