From: NiCK Carty
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Did you know why the so called 'GOROOS' keep making money but not you? Because they create products that sell and you're just a consumer for them! Time to turn the tables. Here's your chance to stop being a consumer and start to sell products and eventually make some real money. And to make this happen, I have created everything that is required from the ground up.

Here's a complete turnkey white-label package on the hot SEO and Backlinking niche that you can just upload to you domain, strap you name on it and start making money right from Day 1!

The best part is, I have also included a short report and a squeeze page to offer it for FREE and build you list of hungry buyers waiting to hear from you. The ultimate sales funnel as used by the BIG GOROOS!

That's right! Everything, right from the optin page to the download page, is included in the package. All you need to do is, download them all, edit the files to put your name on it, upload to your domain and start building your list and making money right away!

You might have seen a ton of PLR material like this, but not many will offer this kind of a complete package. Usually they give you a crappy ghost-written ebook and a garbage sales letter that probably won't even convert but here, you're going to get a high quality eBook that is 54 Page long and have solid information for you to sell and your customers to be satisfied!

Even the sales page is written by a seasonal copywriter as well and it is proven to convert very well! You will also be getting an excellent design just like this website and a lot of promotional materials such as eBook covers, CD covers, ad banners and more.

Module 1 - Expert SEO & Backlinking eBook! ($600 Value)

The eBook is 41 Pages long and teaches on various SEO aspects such as what are backlinks and the best techniques to build high quality backlinks to rank your websites higher on search engines. You can easily sell this eBook for $17 or even $27 if you could add some bonus content.

If you were to create this eBook or outsource it to a ghost writer, the minimum you need to spend would be $600 and that's without the cover deisgns. But everything is included in this package!

Module 2 - High Converting Squeeze Page ($100 Value)

Use this page to generate leads by offering the Super Simple SEO Report for FREE. Later convert them to customers by pitching for the main product using auto-responder sequence which is also included!

Module 3 - Super Simple SEO Report ($200 Value)

This is a short report that covers on the basics of SEO. You can use this as a pre-sell material to your main product. Offer this for FREE in exchange of their email address and later follow them up to pitch for the main product above. A complete sales-funnel system!

Module 4 - SEO Checklist ($30 Value)

This is an easy to print out checklist with all the important steps required to build high quality backlinks. Offer this as a BONUS to those who purchase your main product. Offering BONUS is proven to increase conversions drastically on all verticals!

Module 5 - SEO Articles Pack ($100 Value)

10 High Quality articles with private label rights, written on the topics: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and backlinking related topics. You can use this to either get backlinks to your main sales page or offer this as another bonus to increase conversions even further!

Module 6 - Professionally Designed Sales Page ($500 Value)

Just for designing this kind of a minisite, it would cost you around $200. And to write a professional sales copy, the price is over $300. But we have included everything for in this white-label package. All you need to do is, edit the file using Notepad or any text-editor, change your name and save. That's it!

Payment processed by PayPal and Delivery will be Instant!

PS: I really want to help you make money and I'm very sure that this package will help you make a lot of money if you take some action. Simply buy this package and if you were not satisfied with it for any reason, simply request a refund and I will return all your money back.

PPS: I want to keep the competition less so I might take down this offer anytime sooner. So get in early while you can or there won't be another chance for you to make money this simple :) Seriously, this is a complete package handed to you over a silver platter! Download Now!

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