Scraper API – Top Solution For Web Scraping 2022


Over the last decade, information has become a significant resource for business development. And the Internet is the main source where 5 billion users generate new data every second. By extracting and analyzing this web data, companies develop their business strategies and achieve their goals. However, collecting and retrieving such a large amount of data is not easy. offers a new tool to solve this problem – Scraper API.

Why Parsing Is Always In Demand

Professionals mostly use parsing to solve work problems. Automation allows you to get an extensive array of data, but it is also useful for solving personal issues. Pluses of parsing are apparent – if you compare it with manual data collection and sorting:

  • You get data very quickly;
  • You can set dozens of parameters for sampling;
  • There will be no errors in the report;
  • Parsing can be configured at regular intervals – for example, to collect data every Monday;
  • Many parsers collect data and advise how to fix errors on the site.

Comparison: It Was – It Became

So, you want to find information about the competitor’s latest project or whatever you have in mind from the open site and collect it for further processing. To get at least something useful from the needed resources, you should endure the following:

  • Navigate all pages that contain datasets.
  • Extract brief information about the data set and link to the full information page.
  • Open each page with complete details.
  •  Get complete information from the page.

INSTEAD, you will use Scraper API. This modern tool can emulate a real web browser and make it easy to parse Html.

It allows you to retrieve data from the Internet without a line of code and turn web pages into structured data in just one click. Scraper API is one of the most effective due to the automatic rotation of IP addresses to prevent blocking and the ability to plan subsequent scraping.


Many developers find scraping a complex, slow, and inconvenient task to scale, especially when working with headless browsers. Instead, your information can be handed on a silver platter if used scraps tools.

Using a web scraper is not a daunting task.

There are ready-made tools that greatly facilitate the task, allowing you to focus directly on data retrieval.

Your knowledge is enough to understand what and how to extract.

There are many useful scraping tools, and they are all correct if the result is achieved.